Basilicata. A land that is simultaneously described as harsh and arid, but is also a place of beautiful landscapes, of ancestral traditions and, above all, a welcoming and hardworking community. Authentic, pure, preserved.

Within this dreamlike land – described by some as “eternal” – with its various types of landscape, an array of ancient customs, traditions and gestures seem to magically coexist- both honourably repeated and renewed with modernity and innovation.

In Basilicata, agriculture is without a doubt the activity which has most profoundly shaped the landscape, delineating and defining new “rural sites” capable of generating some interesting competitive advantages.

The Future in the furrows of the Past. Our future lies in the presence of cultural models influenced by a rural world andby the balanced relation between man and nature, by local traditions and material culture in the varieties and the qualities of agricultural products.

Our future “blossoms out” of the seeds of tradition and itismirrored in the furrows of the land, a well as in the deep wrinkles of the everyday man and woman’sfaces, whosegazes and postures are meaningful features of an existential condition of that past which comes back with strength and makes our future possible – a future whichis made of innovation and able to be competitive on several markets, bothlocal and global.

5 final destinations of a tour that wants to parallel the story of landscapes and production chains, which started in Magna Grecia’s Metaponto, where history, culture and archeology combine with emblematic examples of agricultural reform and the reconstructions of the 1950s.

The tour continues towards the Pollino to discover Val D’Agri and then the Vulture, after crossing the Potenza area; and from Vulture along to Bradanica before finally arriving in Matera and its hills.

Metaponto: the place of the beginning and the end
Through the mountains and valleys on the slopes of Mount Pollino
In the heart of the Lucanian Apennines
Grapes and springs on the slopes of Mount Vulture
Golden landscapes on the hills of Matera
Metaponto the circle is closed